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Are you looking to earn more money, have more freedom and take you life and business to the next level? 💸 Then taking your business Online and creating Online Courses is the solution 🔥

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Then taking your business Online is the solution 🔥

Since Corona lockdowns everyone has shifted their mindset and is more open to online learning and this trend is only going to continue, so why not join the online party

Did you know?

Forbes says that by the year 2025 the online learning industry will hit just about 1 Billion dollars a day - yes Billion with a "B" 😍 So there has never been a better time to make the shift and take your business Online and I am here to help you do so 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Is your Online Course ready for January 1st?

By the time we hit January 1st the entire world will working with their New Year's resolutions and are looking for the solution for this resolution. Are you ready to create your Online Course with the solution to their New Year's resolution? Join my course on Online Monetizing Academy and have everything you need ready when everyone is ready for their New Year's resolutions 💸

Once you created your Online Course you can sell it again and again

Yes, it takes a bit of work to prepare and create your first Online Course, but the Magic is that once you created it once, you can keep selling it again and again 🥳 And why just create one? When you finish my course you will be able to create and streamline all the Online Courses you want 💫

There are two aspects in taking your business online: There is selling your courses through Social Media and then there is creating incredible Online Courses that you can create once and sell again and again. By doing so it basically becomes passive income and you can work from anywhere in the world and you get to choose your hours - now who doesn't want that 🥰

I sure do!!! That is why I took my business Online at the beginning of the year and have been helping my clients to the same ever since 🤓


How do I help my clients you may ask?


The answer is very simple! What got you here won't get you there - any coach knows this, and this also goes for making the pivot to go Online.

So instead of learning by trial and error on your own and (sorry to say) probably never actually completing your Online Course and spending hours upon hours on learning, creating, planning and spending money on unnecessary things... Then we could be working together and you can use all of my knowledge and experiences and in no time find your topic for the Online Course, sell it to the ideal clients and then create an incredible Online Course, that you can then sell again and again 🥳

I help you get your first Online Course up and selling and then teach how you can repeat the process again and again and keep creating Online Courses.

The first thing we need to start with is finding your niche. Here we will work on and dig into is what your expertise is - and yes I truly believe that every single one of us is an expert at something and this exact something is what someone else is struggling with. So by creating the solution for their problem, you now have the topic for your Online Course and can start selling it.

What I teach you next is to sell your Online Courses on Social Media, where I show you how to find new potential clients, how to advertise for your product and this is key: how to sell it before you even created the Online Course! Yes, you always want to sell you Online Course before creating it, because this way you both make sure your work and effort will be worth it because you actually have a product that sells and also you get the motivation to go create the Online Course. 

And now to the big part: Creating your Online Course 🤓 Here we go through how you structure and plan your Online Course, what components need to be in an Online Course to make it great, how to create the sense of having a community and accountability even though it is online, what technical expertise you need to know, what microphone and other equipment you may need. So this is the big and final part. I will teach you everything you need to know to create your Online Course and have it be a success and most importantly after this you will also know how to create all of your next Online Courses, because why stop at one?! 😉


Are you ready to take the next step and create Online magic, then read more here to see how we can work together and I can help you make your dreams of earning more money, having more freedom and taking your life and business to the next level:



I need help with Social Media❗️


How do I use Social Media without it taking up all of my time and just becoming a distraction and most importantly: How do I find my clients on Social Media?

Get the answers here in my Online Course: How to sell on Social Media

Here I take you through 4 modules with all the basics you need to know and teach you my most valuable strategies for content creation, getting noticed by new clients, what to post on which platform and how to use your time wisely on Social Media.

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I want to create Passive Income and need help creating Online Courses❗️

You may be asking yourself: How do I find my topic and where do I start and where do I end, how do I create that connection even though it is Online, how can I make sure the client gets the transformation wanted and how does all the technical stuff work? All of this you will learn in Online Monetizing Academy

You get 8 weekly Modules that take you through everything you need to know to not just create one Online Course, but all of the Online Courses you want and to streamline them and keep selling them

You get 8 weekly Q&A calls to keep you accountable, answer all of your questions and where we dig deeper into what you are working on

If you sign up before November 1st you get the Online Course: How to sell on Social Media for free as a Bonus along with other surprise Bonuses

"I am so happy that I joined Simone’s Mastermind! As a business owner, sometimes we get so overwhelmed with everything that we do and we get lost in translation. Joining this Mastermind group has given me the peace of mind I needed to run my business successfully by having the right mindset. ​ Simone is very professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. It wasn’t hard to open up my struggles to her and to the group because we all are going through the same journey and we always encourage one another to push for our goals. ​ If you are looking for a group to help you overcome your fears and have a solid support system, I highly recommend Simone’s Mastermind!"

Smart VA Founder

"If you are an entrepreneur and are looking for a person, who can help up on your journey, then you need to talk to Simone. She will help you make things happen! I have worked with Simone for a while and she is one of the most talented and hardworking personalities I have ever met. She has coached me on multiple topics and I have seen a huge difference with everything we worked with. I moved from where I was to not just where I wanted to go but better. She offers Masterminds and Online Courses, which are one of the most amazing ways to grow as an entrepreneur. She help you develop your business and teaches you how to take your business Online, so you can make it easier for yourself and can streamline everything and start earning more. She gives you so many tools to help you grow yourself and your business. And there is nothing she doesn't know or can teach you when it comes to Online Courses and Social Media! Also these Masterminds and Online Courses are a great opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs. This is super motivating, engaging and at the same time a place where you can share your thoughts, challenges and wins with like minded people."

Leadership & Business Coach

"Simone has an amazing gift for helping you to gain perspective on your business: where you are now, where you are going, and what things you need to develop to get from here to there. She also has a gift for making you feel like her group is a safe place to grow, learn and connect, without shame when you don't know something. As a person without a strong support system, it has been amazing to have a group I can go to and ask questions as I learn about different business concepts. I don't feel alone anymore, because here you feel like someone always has your back when you need it!"

Teacher & Podcast Host

Are you ready to take the next step and create your Online Course?

We start Monday the 7th of December, so that you can be ready when the wave of New Year's resolutions hits after the holidays


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